Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Scaley Kelly

Someone in a costuming community was showing off a wearable koi tail she designed. It has no scales as of yet so I thought to share a reference.
^ 6 yr old Kelly

My step-grandmother, a Mexican seamstress named Lina, sewed the body of that costume. My extremely talented, creative mother cut out and decorated all those scales and glued them into place. She also made the puffy-awesome hands and feet.

I loved wearing that dragon costume sooo much! It's debut was at my kindergarten's Halloween event/costume contest; there were many adorable, clever costumes, yet I came home with first place and a plush pumpkin doll. 10 years later, in a different state, my little sister won cutest costume in a community event. So it was an awesome get up, and wearing it is one of the fondest of my childhood memories :)

Anthrocon was awesome, made good money and met good friends. It is a huge, exhausting event, especially when suffering with a cold. Hollering about hamburgers at the 'rave' did not help my voice at all, and I am still a bit raspy. Glad to have gone, and am REALLY looking forward to Midwest FurFest in November. AC was in Pittsburgh, MFF is in Chicago. The first con I will be airbrushing t-shirts is hopefully gonna be Furry Weekend Atlanta in February. Mor on that later!

Gonna go visit my mom now to see how her latest painting is coming along. I would like to share her work with this audience as well, it's beautiful stuff <3



Ecto said...


dreams are too awesome. try:

a slice of cheddar cheese before you go to bed. you dream about celebrities.

fact. (!)

Kelly Toon said...

I am going to try this TONIGHT!!

karimakandda sony said...

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