Monday, June 25, 2007

we're baaaa-aaaaack

wow been meaning to make this post since Sunday but Blogger intimidates me a lil!! Probably because I so greatly admire the individuals I have discovered, artists of such caliber and style that I feel kind of small and wishy-washy in comparison :) . My horizons are broadening (if that is a word), and I am grateful for it . . . just takes a little twisting of the head and squinting some to bring things into focus.


Annnyway I have a bunch of six flags drawings for yas, in no particular order.

^ Playing with a bunch of Copic markers I got for a very sweet price (2 for 3 bucks, woah!!) I kind of designed these to be bookmarks. Gonna try to sell 'em at my AC table, I think. I love drawing dragons, always have :)

^Just to be spiteful, I put on the classical station to counteract the brain-drain that is pop country/blues/redneck music. I catch myself singing along in my head sometimes, because a lot of it is catchy, and some of the lyrics can be amusing, but more often that not I am vaguely disgusted by the EMPTY feeling some of them have ("Rock Hard Bodies, and Bi-ki-ni hotties . . . every bodies got it goin' on and showin' what they GOT").

I like this page a lot, did it with my faaaaavorite Faber Castell Pitt brush tip pen. I prefer using this because I must put down my marks much more quickly, which is constructive as I am recalling these faces from only a glimpse as they motor on right past my shop . . . damn it!! come buy a t-shirt or hat or license plate!! PLEASE!!!

^This is several months old . . . Like I mentioned in an earlier post, the T-shirt shop is under new (much more efficient and effective) management. I am having a great time, as I have much more creative influence over new designs and such, actually re-working a lot of old things. This page was designed to showcase thumbnails of some of the more popular designs from the previous years. Doug (Da Boss) let me know that for future reference, all he needed was a ballpoint pen scribble to get the basic idea; well this was the very first artwork he specifically asked for, so I figured I'd give it my all :) It was fun recreating these cheezy designs all one inch high with markers on a big sheet of paper. I think they look pretty. Man I hated painting that monkey >:(

^ And here is Kabuki! Maybe you will recognize her from just about every caricature page. I love johnK's blog, and this was an attempt at specific expressions, after reading his impassioned posts on the topic (yay honeymooners :p) I didn't have a mirror handy, which would have helped immensely. I tried not to do "generic", bland, happy/sad/angry faces. Hope I succeeded, I kind of can't tell. Feedbacks? I Love to draw this character, she is very much like myself. I even got all my hair chopped off, and was excited coz I'd more closely match the character design :B

I will post pictures from the EXCELLENT honeymoon (wow Asheville NC is so bitchin') later this week :) along with a BUNCH more art! I can't keep up with myself, as usal :\ All that downtime at the Kingdom gives me nothing to do but DRAW (which is of course awesome).

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Mooshe said...

I saw your comment on John K's blog, and decided to see if you had posted any of your people sketches from the park. I caricature & airbrush at a zoo, and I do the exact thing in my downtime.

It's a ton of fun, and I liked seeing your sketches, too!