Saturday, July 14, 2007


Dreamed this morning that I was attending a giant video game convention, which my friend Kristin was hosting. In reality, Kristin is a stunning, curvaceous, chocolate-colored dynamo who definitely does not play video games (though she had fun with the Wii at the 4th of July party we threw). In this dream, she was the Queen of the Gamers, as a result of having set the record for beating some tetris-like puzzle game. She was up on stage, swinging a microphone and bellerin' about high scores or something. She later introduced me to none other than blogger's very own Uncle Eddie (not sure how to link to blogs, it's in my little sidebar thing tho) of Awesome Theory fame. I was happy to meet him, and even more delighted when he not only recognized my name, but enthusiatically shook my hand for a good two minutes, which made me laugh.

Later, I was reading a comic book with my husband, and one of the stories was about some hapless adventurers getting mired in a steamy, spooky swamp. As I read the blurb, we found ourselves in the swamp, as a voiceover described the mysterious visions, hungry alligators, and devilish mansion on the hill. When he said "mysterious visions" I looked over to see a wraithlike young girl with long, straggling black hair, astride an alligator. Their eyes gleamed at me as they both slowly sank below the surface of the scummy water, which Justin and I were now floating in. I begin to backpedal, noticing a hungry gator coming our way. We drive him onto dry land, where he flails and snaps and hisses. We eventually outmaneuver him, and find ourselves in suddenly mountainous terrain. Now my brother has arrived, and he tells us about a NAZI he just saw riding out of the woods on a bicycle, so we decide to trace his path. Along the way, we meet a young female bear cub, sitting in some flowers. She speaks to us, saying that she was tired of the man in the mansion (the nazi I guess) trying to keep her from speaking. We all creep up to the lavish house and peer inside. I woke up around that time.

Gotta love dreams!!

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