Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Art Pile

Here is a collection of some recent and not-so-recent sketches, doodles, and construction practice. Sorry I cannot credit every image that I referenced, but if you want to find them, visit http://classiccartoons.blogspot.com

^ My favorite dog breed, the Airedale Terrier. I will own one someday.

^Isn't little Wolfy just the cutest?? Copied drawings.

^Kabuki the Jackalope as some dragony things.^More copies, and a few original Kabukis.^ very initial character sketches.


Northwest Minuteman said...

interesting blog! Another you might enjoy:


booleanspline said...

Hi, its great to see some one else doing construction studies. Man, i can never get slap happy lion to look right. Keep up the good work!