Thursday, January 8, 2009


OK, by jimminy, I said I'd post some art so HAVE SOME

The art for our Christmas card. That's meee, my huband Justin Toon, the calico is our hellion Addie, and the fat white one is Chester. I actually drew Chester much too small in this picture, he is almost a third again as long as he appears there. This was a totally last-minute idea, I knocked it out in about an hour so it's pretty sloppy in some places. Everyone went nuts over it so I guess they didn't notice!
Practicing construction, thanks to good ol' JohnK for posting some awesome comicbook covers to copy.
This is older work but I still like it . . . it's my jackalope character as different kinds of dragons. What, she's a magical creature, she can shapechange if she feels like it *shifty eyes*

^ a VERY SILLY doodle for Uncle Eddie (see blog link to the right). He is the oh-so-suave genius behind PlayNerd, a manly magazine for manly men who love those not-so-perfect, smartypants chicks. Well not really but wouldn't that be a cool magazine???

I'll do another post with caricature art later. I've definitely been more attracted to cartooning than caricaturing recently.


Anonymous said...

Kelly, how do you do the construction of the covers? Do you draw the construction on top of the cover?

Kelly Toon said...

No I do not trace it, I just look at the cover on the screen, find the underlying construction, and analyze it for a few minutes before starting to draw. Look for how different parts of the drawing relate to each other, for instance: What does the line look like that connects Porky's head to Bugs'? How far from the bottom rocker is the corner of the horse's nose? See how I drew a few lines around the rocking horse? That's to help me line them up correctly. I often hold my pencil up parallel to the screen, in order to judge what the lines and angles look like. I was trying to pay attention to the negative shapes, but I didn't get how they all related to each other, and that's what threw this off the most, as seen in JohnK's critique.

Hope this helps, Spumkin!

Amir Avni said...

Well done Kelly! :)

Anonymous said...

I like the Uncle Eddie drawing! Snazzy stuff!

Trevor Thompson said...

Hi Kelly!

Thanks for being a sweetheart and taking time to critique my progress on my blog! You know that sphere advice you gave me is a good idea.... Vincent Waller said the same thing in an email to me yesterday!

Yeah, I put a line on the angles that I wanted the heads to go, and then made the construction of the head. But since I wasn't really sure about the angle of the head, I didn't erase that line, but I did erase the circles for the head's construction. Of course, I see now that I got the eyes totally wrong as a result.

I did that angle line on the head because it's something I saw John do in a video tutorial he did last year breaking down the construction of a shot from 'Heckling Hare'. But as you correctly pointed out, the angle was wrong.

All the more reason to make it right. Well, back to the ol' drawing board! :oP Thanks again!

- trevor.