Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I created this for a different audience at another gallery but it sums up my life these days pretty well!


diego cumplido said...

thanks for your comment kelly! I've just read it... I'll keep an eye on your blog. Your work is one hundred times cooler than mine, so I feel quite flattered.

Stephen said...

Hi, Kelly. Thanks for the nice comments you left on my blog, http://meetingedges.blogspot.com. I wish I had the talent you have - I don't seem to have the creative spark. Maybe if I keep practicing!

Trevor Thompson said...

This kinda reminds me of, oddly enough, the cover of a Schooly D record I bought back when I was 14 and still had the desire to be the world's best Top 4O DJ.

Ah, the ignorance of youth.

The cover was this elaborate cartoon showing Schooly going from area to area ( with cut-ins to stuff that happened elsewhere ) and getting stuff he needed to record his album. It was layed out very much like this cartoon, only you're much better at construction than ol' Schooly was.

But I'll bet yer airbrushin' ass couldn't lay down a rhyme on some funky phat beats the way the D can.


Love yer drawings, keep it up!

- trevor.

PS: Do you still do custom airbrush work for clothes?