Saturday, September 22, 2007

constructing things

I'se been praktikkin!!

Many thanks and much love to JohnK for being such an inspiration and kick in the pant I am sure could spot numerous flaws in the above image, but I think he'd be happy that made an attempt.

Line of Action paper. Needs more exagerration and emphasis, but I was trying hard to make these solidly constructed, so the stretchyness didn't come across very strong.

My own lil jackelope 'self' character. I like the idea of this but the lifted foot irks me, she looks off-balance. Her eyes make me smile :)

I hope I am getting the right idea with these!

More to come as I progress, please help me with critiques and feedback, I am dying for input!!!


Mitch said...

Wow nice stuf, really loose. You make it look like it is easy.

It's hard to give feedback, but I'will try,

On the real Jerry (where he pulls the rope and you see 2 arms) there is a bit bend in his arms, at youre version the linens of the arms are to straight.

Sometimes the vorms doesn't look correct, like where Jerry is looking down (the one on the left above corner under Tom), look at his nose/mouth and compare it to the original.

Good luck!

I'm doing the lessons as well, but there's something I'm not doing right. So seeing youre practise helps me seeing things.

Mitch said...

" (the one on the left above corner under Tom)"

Oops, I ment the right corner offcourse.

Kelly Toon said...

Thanks Mitch!

I see what you mean about the arms and nose. Unfortunately, since these were all sketched in ballpoint pen, I have no way to erase and redo :p I dind that working in ballpoint does force me to be careful, for hthat very reason!

Glad you like my practicing, I hope it helps you :)

Kelly Toon said...
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Bobo said...

World Class drawings.


Wow Kelly, Excellent work! I look forward to seeing more... keep tooning!..

crazyharmke said...

Hi Kelly,

Thanx a lot for your comment on my blog. I do need to draw more loose (like you do ^_^). I'm drawing looser than I did before, but I still need to practise it.

Your lines have a nice flow ^_^. Great!

About overlay with original:
Doing the overlay-thing helped me very much in seeing my mistakes & watch proportions. I think it will help you too to draw better copies. First time I overlayed I were really ashamed of my drawing hahaha! I thought it looked like the original, but it was terrible ;). Please tell me if it works for you too =)

Keep on drawing!!! =)

Jose said...

hiya. thanks for passing the house o' treats.


you got some good stuff down on that second page. getting better there.

constructing drawings can be clumsy, clunky business at first. takes actual patience too.

that's probably i stopped caring about my own stuff.

Tom said...

Nice construction studies! Tom is trickier than Jerry. Probably too many illogical elements to his head, never the same on any two poses, even on the original model sheets. Your Jerry is good but try drawing with pencil. All the classic Tom and Jerry reference was done in pencil so you'd be speaking the same graphic language. Drawing in ballpoint can be as unwieldy as sketching with the heel of a stiletto shoe and the dead pen line lends itself better to flat designs than volumetric. Keep on drawing!

Mitch K said...

Hey, your stuff looks pretty good. Do you an artist by profession? Take care and keep on that Preston Blair stuff! =)

Looney Moon Cartoons said...

Nice 'self' Jackelope. Does that mean thats how you see yourself as a Jackelope?

Kelly Toon said...

loony moon: yes, that is how I would look if I was a jackelope :) her name is Kabuki and I draw her often, you will see Kabuki on many pages of my doodles.