Friday, August 10, 2007


So tomorrow me n the man are heading up to Cincinnatti to attend our first-ever Scribble Jam which is the country's largest hiphop exhibition. In addition to all kinds of crazy freestyyling and beatboxing and what-have-you, there will be a ton of slick graffiti writers. A buddy of mine is a talented writer, and has reserved a space for me on the giant themed wall, to try my hand at spraypainting. Being an experienced airbrush artist, I do have a bit of an edge over someone who had never painted with the aid of compressed air. I'm not cocky though, I am sure I will be really rough . . . especially compared to the swarm of talented folks I will be surrounded by *swoon*

The theme of the wall this year is Dark Circus, so I'm doing a fire-breather. I need somewhere to host the rough sketch to show my painting partner so without further ado:
My buddy's tag will be fire coming out of her mouth :o!!


Jenny said...

Ooh, that's a very nicely done sketch! Do you take it further than the blue pencil before proceeding, or work a final right from this? I'd love to see it even darker.

Kelly Toon said...

I did not take the sketch further before painting the wall (in the post above the sketch). I printed it out to fill a sheet of paper, then used it for reference when "sketching" onto the wall with white spraypaint! What a different experience from drawing with pencil. I knew the finished product would look pretty different from whatever I used for reference, so I didn't see the need to take it farther.

very flattered that you enjoyed this simple sketch :):)

Jenny said...

Hey, girls are never simple to sketch! ; )

Thanks for the elaboration. I'm fascinated by process...I can see the sense in not needing to go further than this, as you describe the work. I love to see everything in it's early and ruff stages, always, too.