Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Vernon

I am an aspiring freelance caricature artist, and Wednesday night was my debut to the scene. I bumped into this interesting fella at a local show (Ultra Pulverize, do a youtube search, they ROCK) who told me that he owns a local bowling alley. I asked him if he might ever need a caricature artist, told him my rates and he said to come down Wednesday, so I did! Had my younger brother Evan along to assist, and everything went beautifully.

The place is called The Vernon, and it had an amazing crowd of happy, friendly, enthusiastic people who really had fun with the caricature idea. The owner Dale took a bunch of great photos which you can see at The Vernon myspace:

^This desk I'm using was a groundscore! I was walking home and saw a guy carrying what was obviously a drawing table. He was gonna trash it, so I took it off his hands, cleaned it up and voila!! A perfectly sized, portable caricature table! Gonna paint it up all colorful and put my name and number on the front :)
^These girls wanted to look tough, straight, and awesome . . . they definitely made awesome faces for me to capture!
^Bud! Don't often get an opportunity to draw such a greeat face and magnificent moustache :-{

^Mandy and Graham. Rock those dreds!
I think this was my first pic of the night :) This was actually my first real caricaturing event since last summer at 6 Flags. I felt a little rusty at first, but I got back into the swing of things quickly.

^ She said, "Make it really crazy and funny!" and she kept licking her fella's neck sooo . . .

All in all it was a great night, I got to interact with my peers in a unique and interesting way :) When you are drawing someone's face, you automatically develop a relationship with them . . . I have to stare into their eyes, which is an intimate thing, so I have to be able to put people at ease so they don't feel TOO uncomfortable. I didn't talk much at this event, only answered questions and thanked people when they complimented my work, but I did keep up a rapport with my subjects by making faces at them :)


Mitch K said...

WOW you can draw! I'm impressed.

Lester Hunt said...

Kelly, I loved those photo/drawing juxtapositions. Most impressive. It seemed like a couple of those folks must have been hard to caricature, because they looked so nondescript in the photos. You caricaturists must hate normal people!